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C&E (Control and Electrical)

To provides engineering design for both electrical and instrument construction of various power plant type, as well as support at project site which involves design coordination and assist supervision for installation works.

Electrical Construction Drawings

  • Grounding (Main Grid, Pigtail and Exposed)
  • Cable Duct bank and Manhole Layout
  • Conduit / Raceway Drawing
  • Cable Tray and Support Layout
  • Cable Trench Layout
  • Panel Installation Drawing
  • Lighting Layout, Raceway and Wiring Communication Equipment Layout, Raceway and Wiring
  • Aircraft Warning Lighting System Installation
  • Lightning Protection Installation Drawing
  • Specification Drawing

Instrumentation Construction Drawings

  • Instrument Equipment and Tapping Point Layout / Detection Point
  • Impulse / Gauge Piping Diagram
  • Water and Steam Sampling Piping Diagram and Installation
  • Gas Sampling Piping Diagram and Installation Drawing
  • Supply Air/ Purge Air/ Drain Piping Diagram
  • Control Air Tubing Diagram & Tray Layout
  • Inst. Panel, Rack Stanchion and Terminal Box Installation Drawing
  • Boiler Metal Thermocouple Installation
  • Control Drive Installation Drawing
  • CCTV / Furnace Camera Installation
  • Specification Drawing