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Steam Turbine Design

TDS provides Detail Design and Engineering support to ST-Bu (Steam Turbine Department) in Hitachi Works, Japan.

Under Detail & Design Team TIPC (Turbine Integrated Parametric CAD Systems)

  • BPC - Blade Parametric CAD
  • CPC - Casing Parametric CAD
  • DPC - Diaphragm Parametric CAD
  • LP- CPC - Low Pressure Casing Parametric CAD
  • RPC - Rotor Parametric CAD
  • GPC - Bearing Parametric CAD
  • VPC - Valve Parametric CAD
  • Diaphragm Packing Drawings
  • Diaphragm Radial Spill Strip Drawings

Under Engineering Team

  • Retrofit for TGS – Turbine Global Service
  • 3D Modeling of Middle Parts
  • PC Sheet
  • DPH Contact Face Machining Tool Path

Gas Turbine Design

TDG mainly provides support in Estimation Engineering for Overseas GT Projects of MHPS.

Under Advance Layout Engineering

  • • GT component 3D modeling (Planning/Actual/Past Projects)
  • • Standardized GT component modeling (Support by MHPS)
  • • ALE (5 GT-G Estimate Layout Drawings)

Under System Engineering

  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagram – Making and Revision (Estimate/Planning)
  • Standardized P&ID making and modifications