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Heat Exchanger Engineering

• To provide high quality engineering and design services of Condensers, Heaters and vother Heat Exchangers for MHPS and its subsidiaries.
• To provide 3D model of Condensers, Heat Exchangers and other equipment of Power Plant for customer's attractions and design upgrade.

Heat Exchanger Engineering Work Scope

  • Basic Engineering of Condensers and Heaters – design calculations of parts and components, parameter lists, plan & outline drawings
  • Detailed Engineering of Condensers, CTCS, Heaters, Gland Steam Condensers, Evaporators, Deaerators, Coolers, Tanks, Air Ejectors and other Power Plant Equipment (Turbine-Side) for manufacturing & construction- fabrication drawings, procedures and Bill of Materials
  • 3D Modeling for checking, presentation and design review
  • Animation for construction, operation and maintenance
  • Review the customer's specification check sheets – for overseas projects bidding